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2009 United Way of Tampa Bay Silent Auction Fundraiser (non-profit)

FREE - Easy - Fun
Hotel Turnkey CSR
Fundraising Events
Free - Easy - Fun. We come to you, to your hotel, and we do all the work. Hoteliers Discover How Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Can Easily Increase Your Business
Doing Good is Good Business


Meeting planners are hesitant to mention CSR for budget fears and Time Factors. 


No Cost-No Time-CSR Turnkey Solution


Be the industry leader by solving corporations and association CSR problems for FREE. With our easy to use and implement CSR service you can -

Add a New CSR Amenity to your hotel that increases your group sales, room sales, food & beverage sales and catering/banquet sales.

Increase Your Ancillary Income that increases your group sales, room sales, food & beverage sales and catering / banquet sales.


Be proactive and put a BIG + Plus Sign in the back of every planner's mind for choosing your destination.

Gain a tremendous advantage over your competition by being proactive.  Let your clients know that your hotel offers a new & free CSR solution amenity that not only does not cost the planner time or money, but also makes money for their client's cause or scholarship foundation.  CSR solution provides multiple public relations opportunities for them and for you.


Use CSR to Develop and Maintain Relationships with Key:

Meeting Planners

Destination Planners

Association Staffers

Corporate Planners

Community Gala Organizers


Brand your hotel as CSR friendly destination.

 Most corporate and association event would like to be able to check off CSR on its event. Does your hotel staff know how to take advantage of CSR to help your client and keep their business?


Let us show you how to automatically put a CSR check mark in planner's RFP with a surprisingly easy & affordable (Free - no cost - complementary) CSR event that does not disrupt their busy schedule, (and offers you greater up-sell opportunities).


Ancillary Income Up-sell opportunities that keep guest spending money inside your hotel property: 

cash bar service

reception Hors d'oeuvre catering

additional luncheons



Discover an easy way to increase your business - that's as simple as McDonald's famous up-sell line: "Do you want fries with that?"


Team with a Fast-Flexible-Dependable-Easy Professional CSR Solution Vendor


Art a la Carte International Co. (BestFundraisingPartner.com) has become synonymous with flawlessly executed fundraising events.

For the last 10 years, it has been our pleasure to serve and raise money for many non-profit groups, associations, and foundations with their events. Our clients appreciate that we are prompt and dependable, and has proven that it can rival the world's best in service, style and quality products. We are proud of our reputation for uncompromising integrity, ethical conduct and corporate governance


Whether it's one (1) week or 6 months in advance notice, our clients appreciate that it only takes one phone call to create a complete Corporate Social Responsibility CSR fundraising silent auction, or to assist in improving their planned event. We're Fast - Flexible - Dependable + Easy to work with.


You Receive an Easy Turn-Key CSR Solution that is Easy to Implement
Our CSR services are incredibly easy to use.  We offer a complete turn-key CSR solution.  All we need from you is the when & where, and a few skirted tables, and we do the rest.  Plus we work with your community affairs, PR department, and sales department to help maximize your branding efforts.


Add a CSR Amenity to your hotel and increase to your group sales, room sales, food & beverage sales and catering/banquet sales.

Corporations, Associations, Destination planners can choose any state and city for their meetings.  What are you doing differently to put the odds in your favor?  Given a choice between a destination that offers a CSR budgeting solution and one that doesn't - where do you think the business will go?


Doing Good is Good Business and a Little PR Helps

Imagine all the publicity opportunities you'll have by offering a solution to some of your clients CSR problems.  Almost every photo and article the company posts will mention your hotel.  Another simple technique will put your positive brand on many of your guest's Facebook pages.


Sponsorship Bragging Rights without Spending a Dime

By teaming with BestFundRaisingPartner.com, you can provide group clients with a new group loyalty program to enhance your guest's experience, such as a CSR reception. Sponsoring a CSR event that socializes with the key executive decision maker, and raises money and PR opportunities, is guaranteed to help your brand and gain future business.


Attract more Ancillary Convention Business

During large conventions when groups are scattered in various hotels, being able to toss in a complementary CSR event may be the difference between getting a group reception - lunch - dinner - award banquet business or losing business to your rivals.


Greater flexibility in meeting your Clients CSR needs


Team building programs that donate food cans to local charities are nice, but they do not address the needs of clients that don't require a team building event. Association Foundations have their own scholarship needs,  out of town clients may want greater CSR publicity exposure in their home town.  Our give back program allows them to choose where and when to give back that maximizes their CSR needs & efforts.


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We work only for select clientele to ensure quality results.

Limited booking dates for superior quality service.

We are not for everyone. We are geared for adults with average and higher incomes and taste.


Results when you offer our CSR solution:
Greater Brand awareness
Distinction between your rivals
Powerful CSR Amenity for destination management and planners to choose your location over your rivals.
Great up-sell opportunities
Sales and marketing opportunities
Solving your clients CSR needs
Tremendous PR opportunities from every event.
Easy to implement
We do all the work.
No costs to you.
No cost to your clients
Your clients are guaranteed to make money.


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