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2009 United Way of Tampa Bay Silent Auction Fundraiser (nonprofit event)

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Free - Easy - Fun Fundraising.
We come to you, to your location, and we do all the work.

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Silent Auction Fundraising Events

Now There is No Excuse Not To Have A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) FUN Event


No Cost - No Work - FUN CSR Events


BestFundRaisingPartner.com delivers a complete turnkey FREE fundraising solution for practically every corporate and association event.


No Cost Entertaining CSR that makes money for your client's scholarship program or favorite cause.

No Scheduling Changes & easily fits into your meetings.

  • Opening Reception & CSR silent auction

  • Luncheon & CSR silent auction

  • Conference breaks & CSR silent auction

  • Spousal luncheon or tea Event

  • Gala & CSR silent auction

  • Awards Banquet & Reception CSR silent auction

Increases PR awareness for your group's mission.

Save Time & Money - We do all the work.


No Cost Entertaining CSR:
For over 10 years, BestFundRaisingPartner.com (Art a la Carte International Co.) has quietly slipped in FREE entertaining silent auction fundraisers for foundations, nonprofits and association into their galas, award banquets, receptions, luncheons, conference meeting breaks.


Non-Disruptive Meeting Service & No Scheduling Changes Required:
Utilizing breaks, networking receptions, luncheons and dinners, you have no need to change your scheduling programs.


Use Proceeds for Your Scholarship Program or Favorite Cause.
Give back to your causes back home, you are free to utilize the CSR proceeds anyway you wish.  Many association foundations give-back through their scholarship programs.  Most corporate clients have their own community give-back programs in place. 


Public Relations PR Opportunities
Doing Good is Good Business and a little PR helps. The media in most communities are often looking for a positive human interest story. Working through your organization’s PR team in advance, we can help you get the right coverage.  Photos from a silent auction with guests signing bid sheets, photos of key officers participating in a CSR event, help you tell your story in blogs and trade media.  Handing an oversize check to a cause (at the event or back home) always captures the media's attention. 


Team with a Fast-Flexible-Dependable-Easy Professional CSR Solution Vendor


"They do it all"

"Whenever anyone mentioned "Silent Auction" I would cringe and dread all the work and time that I knew would be involved. That was "BD" - Before Dennis ... They do it all. They set up for the event, provide all the items, collect for all items sold, package them up, and break everything down."

Carol Holton, Halifax Medical Foundation


For over 10 years,Art a la Carte International Co. (BestFundraisingPartner.com) has become synonymous with flawlessly executed fundraising events. It has been our pleasure to serve and raise money for many nonprofit groups, associations, and foundations with their events. Our clients appreciate that we are prompt and dependable, and has proven that it can rival the world's best in service, style and quality products. We are proud of our reputation for uncompromising integrity, ethical conduct and corporate governance


Whether it's a 7 day or 6 months in advance notice, our clients appreciate that it only takes one phone call to create a complete Corporate Social Responsibility CSR fundraising silent auction, or to assist in improving their planned event. We're Fast - Flexible - Dependable + Easy to work with.


You Receive an Easy Turn-Key CSR Solution that is Easy to Implement
Our CSR services are incredibly easy to use.  We offer a complete turn-key CSR solution.  All we need from you is the when & where, and a few skirted tables, and we do the rest.  Plus we work with your community affairs, PR department, and sales department to help maximize your branding efforts.


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Beneficial Results when you offer our CSR solution:
Solving your clients CSR needs
Tremendous PR opportunities from every event.
Easy to implement with no scheduling changes
We do all the work.
No costs to you.
No cost to your clients
Your clients are guaranteed to make money.


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how our free CSR service can make a positive impact to your bottom line.



Add Glitz & Glamour Items to Your Event:   Art ... Jewelry (Pearls ... Sterling Silver ... Gemstones ... One-of-a-Kind) ... Ceramics ... Sculptures ... Ladies Bags ... Art Glass ... Memorabilia ... and other Fine Collectibles.


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CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Fundraising Events Made Easy

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